Treat Anna like a Princess!


Anna is an enthusiastic, social girl from Dnepr, Ukraine. She is very romantic with dreams about love. She is hoping to find a man and fall in love. She believes that people live to fall in love, create a family and give birth to children.

Anna likes to travel and broaden her outlook on life. She likes kind and sincere people, animals, different types of music, cinema, theater, and watching sporting events. Dancing is something she simply adores and she works as a choreographer.

“I am looking for a cheerful, open, communicative and sincere person for a serious relation. He has to be strict but sensitive, a real man. I am looking for a man, who knows what he wants. I want him to be friendly and kind. I will introduce him to my friends and family; I expect respect and care from him. I am looking for a romantic, generous person, who will fall in love with me and treat me like a princess.”

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Be Charming with Juliya!


Juliya is a very kind and sensitive girl, but a very persistent person who never gives up. Sometimes she can be shy and vulnerable and she doesn’t like lies or hypocrisy. Her friends tell her that she has all the qualities of a good leader.

Juliya enjoys photography and would like to be more successful in this field. She takes it as an art that she does when she has free time. She also likes to be active, so walking and going to the gym is something she tries to do often. As for sports, she is a fan of tennis and skating.

“I hope to meet a good, charming and kind-hearted man here. I cannot imagine his appearance, I think because I do not take it as the essential factor in relations, but I can imagine his soul – I hope he will be able to love and to give, but in the same time to be loved and to receive. I hope he will be able to find the way to my heart and to defend me from all evil in the world. I hope he will handle me with great care (smile), as I am a tiny tender crystal flower.”

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Make Yana’s life great!


Yana is a Ukrainian woman from Kharkov with a very romantic personality. She likes to go for walks in nature while holding hands. She thinks everything is great when you’re with someone you love.

Yana is easy-going and open-minded. She likes anything that makes her happy. In her spare time, she likes having picnics, reading, and listening to music. She believes life is too short to spend it on doing nothing.

“I want to see my man as kind, caring, attentive and loving person with good sense of humor. I appreciate man who can impress me and make me feel like true lady. And I think that every man has his own way how to treat ladies.”

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Be the right person for Tatyana!


Tatyana is a Ukrainian woman who has recently been emotionally hurt, so she is looking for someone to make her forget about her pain. It is difficult for her to open her heart again, but she is willing to try with someone who can brighten her world.
Tatyana is interested in fashion and interior design. She enjoys painting and taking photos. Going to the gym and leading an active lifestyle makes her very happy. Sometimes, she likes to take part in photoshoots and shows as a model.

“If my heart beats speedily and my head is misty, if I want him to look at me with a great impression and think that I am his only one, he will be my ideal man!
Remember that a successful marriage depends on two things:
1. Finding the right person and
2. Being the right person.
I don’t ask for something impossible, I can give as much as I can get and even more.”

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Start a Harmonious Relationship with Yana!


Yana is a kind, enthusiastic girl from Kiev, Ukraine. She always looks at the bright side of every situation and tries to be joyful and merry. She prides herself on thinking carefully before making important decisions or taking any major steps in her life.

Yana likes to engage in active sports and other outdoor activities. She tries to take all that she can from life and have as many memorable moments as possible. She enjoys dancing, acting, basketball, and volleyball. She also likes to travel to various exotic locations. She hopes her next trip will be to Spain with someone she deeply cares for.

“I would like the man beside me to be polite, considerate and have good manners. I hope that he will be honest and brave, strong and intelligent. I also wouldn’t mind if he had a good sense of humor and loved children and animals. I want us to have a harmonious relationship and a very happy family.”

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